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Pre-registration details

Before finalising your booking please read the statement below:

  • I undertake to observe the Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations ("the Rules") of the University, and to submit to its discipline, during such time as I am a registered student of the University. The matters covered by the University Calendar as set out at the link provided below are subject to periodic change. Such changes will be made following a process of appropriate consultation. Where there will be direct impacts on students, consultation will be held with affected groups. Please see Recent Changes to Ordinances and Regulations here.
  • I understand that should my sponsor at any time fail to pay any fees and charges that are due, I will be personally liable to pay them.

  • I accept that it may be necessary for the University to make multiple copies of academic work I create while a student of the University, and where appropriate to share such copies with selected third parties, in order to allow inspections by internal or external examiners, as part of teaching quality inspections, for quality control purposes (including but not limited to processes designed to monitor potential academic misconduct such as plagiarism), or for any other academic, non-commercial purpose necessary for the correct functioning of the University.

    Note: Registration is in accordance with the terms of the offer made by the University. A registration is not valid unless fees are paid or full details of sponsors are provided. If you fail to submit this form by the notified date, your University card will be made invalid for the forthcoming academic year.

    This registration is made on the understanding that all students of the University of Warwick undertake to abide by University Regulation 28 which sets out the University's position on the ownership of Intellectual Property created by staff and students and responsibilities of those who create it. In some circumstances, students are required by the Regulation to assign their Intellectual Property Rights to the University, or indeed to the funder of their research. In these situations, students may be entitled to a share of any net income to the University arising from the successful exploitation of the Intellectual Property. Please read Regulation 28 for further details.

  • Overseas students
  • I recognise that if I am a student with a nationality that would normally require immigration permission to study in the UK, my course registration is subject to me providing evidence of such permissions in the form of original and valid hard copy passport and visa documents, when I am required to do so by the University.
  • I confirm that I am aware (if I am a nationality that would normally require immigration permission to study in the UK) the University may need to contact the Home Office UK Visas and Immigration to seek information about my immigration record/status whilst I am registered at the University. This is in relation to the University's obligations under its Tier 4 sponsor licence duties. I confirm that I give my consent for the Home Office to share this information with the University.
  • The University has certain sponsor duties as a Tier 4 Sponsor. One of these duties is to ensure that we keep the Home Office UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) updated with any changes to your immigration status.
  • If your visa type or details change at any point whilst you are registered as a student of the University of Warwick, you must report this to the Immigration Service. Please bring your original new visa and passport to the Study Abroad and Immigration Service reception (1st floor University House) as soon as possible so that a copy of this can be taken and stored on your student record. A report may then have to be made to the Home Office of this change to your circumstance. If you have any queries about this, please visit