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Part-time degrees


Applications are now closed

How it works

Our part-time degree programme is ideal if you're looking to study at your own pace. You can complete your degree over four to ten years, taking classes in the day and/or evening. There are a number of evening modules but you will need to be able to study daytime too if you wish to choose from the full range of modules on offer. Our entry requirements are flexible and we consider non-traditional qualifications, work and life experience. We welcome your application whatever your background and experience.

There are a range of subjects you can study as a part-time degree, taking between 4 - 10 years:

*daytime study only

We also offer part-time degrees in the following areas



"I felt very brave. I have found it challenging but I would encourage anyone to do it. Warwick University has great facilities and support for students of all ages and disciplines which I look forward to sharing with all those I meet."
Emma, current Part-time student - Read more

Kate Gibbins, Student Finance Officer provides details of the funding available for part-time students in 2019/20.