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Sarah Counsins - Supporting early learning through rhymes and stories


Dr Sarah Cousins and Hilary Minss

Dr Sarah Cousins, a former early years teacher, consultant, and lecturer, shares her passion for using rhyme and song with very young children.

Dr Hilary Minns, a former Primary headteacher, is an experienced storyteller. She has lectured extensively on the topic and continues to practise her craft in a range of settings.

This Supporting Early Learning through Rhymes and Stories book Link opens in a new windowis both a highly theoretical and practical book. It offers encouragement for adults to extend their practice and empowers them to argue how such a playful, enjoyable approach supports early learning across all areas. The book is divided into two parts. The first part explores why rhymes and stories are valuable and how they support early childhood development. It also includes a chapter on how teachers might develop their pedagogy to incorporate this creative emphasis. The second part of the book offers examples for students, teachers and other adults to adapt to their contexts. Each chapter begins with a rhyme, includes a linked story, and offers suggestions of how these can support learning across all areas.

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Dr Sarah Cousins is an experienced early years teacher, leader, consultant, lecturer and inspector. She led early years, primary and education programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at London Metropolitan University and the University of Bedfordshire before joining the Centre for Lifelong Learning at the University of Warwick in 2015. Sarah was Director of Early Years Programmes and Interim Director of Academic Studies at the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

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