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Supporting early learning through rhymes and stories

Dr Sarah Cousins and Hilary Minns explore the value of sharing rhymes and stories with very young children. They present some of the research underpinning this approach and offer students and teachers starting points for developing such a pedagogy.

Exploring the value of email and telephone careers guidance

Lynne Campbell (previously Lynne Johnson) worked as part of a small HECSU funded research team at The Open University to compare the efficacy of e-guidance and telephone career support for students' career learning, development and progression.

Rethinking the Future of Work

Dr Phil McCash, co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of Career Development, discusses the biggest obstacles in the career development field and how organisations can enhance employees’ careers.

A Calling to Sustainable Career Development

Gill Frigerio, with Danish co-author Miriam Dimsits, considers how career development practitioners work with people who feel a sense of calling to commit themselves to global sustainability in their careers.

The urban myth of the 'why...' question. Can coaches ask 'why...?

Ian Day explores the 'myth' that coaches can not ask the 'why...?' questions, and asks why this is?

Career Mentoring and Social Difference in HE

Dr Tania Lyden considers whether social groups perceive similar gains from career mentoring in HE and how social difference influences career mentoring interactions.

The impact of ‘Real English in Action’ on social/community integration

This research project from Dr Nalita James explored learners' experiences of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and their perceptions of how learning the English language has supported their integration and community cohesion in Leicester.

Personal Myth

What’s the story? Dr Phil McCash explores Carl Gustav Jung’s conception of the personal myth.

The Career Development Profession

Together with co-author Dr Siobhan Neary, Dr John Gough examines the professionalisation of career development provision in countries across the world.

Cultural Learning Theory

Helping people live more meaningful lives using cultural learning theory.