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PhD experience

A female student in a classroom setting listening to the person next to her
The Centre provides a rich and supportive cross disciplinary academic environment, and PhD research students are very much part of our research culture. You will be joining a team of fellow student researchers at various stages of their PhD from start to completion. Alongside this, you will also join a wider community of Centre staff who are actively engaged in scholarship and esteemed in their respective fields. The research culture here is rich and varied, and you will be encouraged to become a part of it. We aim to strike a balance between providing the freedom for independent scholarship and the support of a warm and collegial environment.

With your intended supervisor, you will begin an initial assessment of learning needs geared to your PhD e.g. research methods training.

Students are provided with research methods training in year one consisting of a weekly in person class each term. This must be completed by you unless exempted by the supervisor and the department. Before arrival, students are advised to plan well in advance to attend these dates and discuss.

More detail on Research and Training is available and updated annually.

You will also receive an induction to the University and the Centre. With your supervisor, you will continue to discuss your learning needs. You will be introduced to relevant staff including your Personal Tutor and the Director of Graduate Studies.