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Applicants holding a Conditional Firm (CF) Offer

If I meet the conditions of my offer, when will I find out if my place at Warwick has been confirmed?

Please refer back to the conditions of our offer as stated in your offer email. If you meet all the conditions as stated then your place at Warwick is guaranteed. We will consider results as soon as they are available and will confirm the places of those who have met the conditions of our offer shortly afterwards. Your place will be confirmed by UCASLink opens in a new window.

Please note that we send decisions to UCAS at least twice a day over the confirmation period, at which point the data held in UCAS will be updated. We suggest that you check UCASLink opens in a new window in the first instance before contacting us.

If your offer is conditional on any information you have sent to us via a document upload link, such as providing verification of previous qualifications or an English Language test, please note that the decision on UCAS will not update immediately as we require time to process these.

What happens if I do not meet the conditions of my offer?

Firstly, you should check UCASLink opens in a new window to see if your status has changed. If it shows that you have been ‘unsuccessful’ then unfortunately we are unable to accept you or offer you an alternative course.

Remember, if we are not able to confirm your place at Warwick, you should check to see if you have met the conditions of your Insurance choice. If you have fulfilled their requirements then you are guaranteed a place with that institution.

If your status on UCAS has not changed, we may still be making a decision on your application. Occasionally we have the flexibility to accept a small number of candidates who have just missed the terms of their offer, but we cannot guarantee this. If we are able to admit any such candidates we normally take the following factors into account when making our decisions:

  • The grades achieved and how close they are to our offer
  • Academic strengths and weaknesses and their relevance to your chosen degree course
  • The strength of your personal statement and reference
  • Personal circumstances such as illness or bereavement
  • Any other supporting information available to us
If I do not meet the conditions of my offer, can Warwick offer me a place on a different course?

In a small number of cases, those who do not meet the conditions of their offer may be made an offer of a place on a different but related degree course. There is no obligation to accept this, but we endeavour to give candidates the flexibility to choose for themselves. Please refer to UCASLink opens in a new window for the deadline by when you must make a decision.

Please note that if you accept a change of course you will not be able to transfer to your original course choice after enrolment, so it is important that you are happy with your decision.

If I do not meet the conditions of my offer, when will I find out if my place at Warwick has been confirmed?

If your status on UCASLink opens in a new window has not yet updated, we may still be considering your application. We may not be able to make a decision on whether or not you have a place at Warwick until mid to late August 2023. This is because many of our applicants are only receiving their GCE A and AS Level results from 17 August 2023. We typically wait until all examination results are available before making decisions on those who have narrowly missed the conditions of their offer to ensure that all candidates can be considered together in a fair and equitable manner. We may also need to wait for other universities’ decisions on our Insurance offer holders before we know for sure if there are any places left on a course.

We aim to give all applicants for whom we have results a final decision on their place by 1 September 2023.

What happens if I do not meet the conditions of Warwick’s offer, I’m still waiting for a decision and I would rather go to my Insurance choice (or into Clearing)?

In this case, you should contact the Clearing Hotline to ask us to process an ‘unsuccessful’ decision on your application – this will automatically make you Firm at your Insurance university if you have met their offer, or put you into Clearing if your Insurance university has been unable to give you a place.

The Clearing Hotline +44 (0)2476 533 544 will be open from:

  • 8am until 6pm (UK time) on Thursday 17 August
  • 9am until 4pm (UK time) on Friday 18 August
  • 9am until 5pm (UK time) on Monday 21 August

After Monday 21 August, please speak to us via a live chat.

Please only use this number if you have NOT met the conditions of your offer and have NOT received an ‘unsuccessful’ decision from us.

It is best if you contact us personally, rather than your parent/supporter or teacher. We want to ensure you have the appropriate information to make decisions that are right for you.

What happens if I meet the conditions of Warwick’s offer and would rather go to my Insurance choice or into Clearing?

Please be aware that if your Firm choice has confirmed your place (even if you did not meet the terms of your offer) you cannot be released to your Insurance choice. Acceptance by your Firm choice means your Insurance choice becomes obsolete. Some applicants ask to be ‘released to their Insurance’ but this is not possible. Your Firm choice, once it has accepted you, can only release you into Clearing. Your Insurance choice may agree to take you via Clearing but it is not obliged to do so.

If you wish to give up your Unconditional Firm place and go into Clearing you can 'self-release' via UCAS. Please note that this cannot be undone, so UCAS advises that you speak to your university or college and/or an adviser at the place where you currently study before you go ahead with this process. Visit our advice pages to find out more.

What happens if I meet all the conditions of Warwick’s offer but no longer wish to go to university?

We would recommend that you withdraw your application through UCASLink opens in a new window if you no longer want to attend university.

Will I be able to find campus accommodation?

To be guaranteed a room on campus for the 2023/24 academic year as a new, full-time UG student you will have:

  1. Made Warwick your firm choice by 22 August 2023
  2. Submitted your accommodation application online by 22 August 2023
  3. Hold an unconditional firm offer of study at Warwick by 22 August 2023

We aim to allocate all new first-year undergraduate and International Foundation Programme students on campus, including those who have applied through Clearing.

In the event you do not meet the conditions above, you would still be guaranteed an offer of University-allocated accommodation which in the vast majority of cases will include a room in University owned campus halls of residence or, in the event of very high demand, local partnership accommodation provided you meet the above conditions by 6 September 2023.

Please see our allocation principles for further information or visit our accommodation webpages.

If I knew then what I know now...

I really wish I had worried much less in the time leading up to my arrival at Warwick. I think my main worry was that I wouldn't be 'good enough', that everyone I met would be much more intelligent than me. I realise now that worrying was a complete waste of time; I'd applied and been offered a place after all!


I wish I'd known how easy it would be to join clubs and societies at Warwick. Finding friends with similar interests and hobbies is never a problem here. Also it's a great idea to be prepared to give something new a go. I've met lots of great people at Warwick Climbing Club and I'd never climbed before coming to University.


I wish I hadn't worried about being lonely, during Freshers Fortnight there are so many events taking place that I spent hardly any time on my own at all, and as a result made some great friends and had a lot of fun.


I wish I had prepared a rough budget before coming to Warwick. For the first few weeks I lived beyond my means, leaving myself short for the rest of the term. I should have spoken to current or past students and got an idea of the realistic amount a student spends in a week.