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Other frequently asked questions

What happens if my examination arrangements have changed?

It is very important that you let us know if any details of your examination arrangements have changed since you completed your UCAS application.

Please ensure that you inform both UCAS and our Undergraduate Admissions Team of any changes to the Examination Board and Centre Number as this will help us to process your results quickly.

I have changed subjects. Do I need to let Warwick know?

Please inform us as soon as possible of any changes in the subjects or level you are taking since you completed your UCAS form. These changes may influence whether we are able to confirm your place. The sooner you let us know the better.

What happens if I become ill during my exams?

If you become ill before or during your examinations, or you face any other serious difficulties during the examination period please let us know, ideally via a letter from your school or college to the Undergraduate Admissions Team. If we receive this information before the results come out, we will be able to advise the Course Selectors of your circumstances and they will then take this information into account when reaching a final decision. However, if an exam board makes allowances for extenuating circumstances in the grade(s) awarded to you, it is unlikely that further allowances will be made by Warwick.

There was a mistake in my exam paper. Will you bear that in mind if I don’t make the grades for my offer?

If there is a mistake in any of your exam papers and your exam board makes allowances for it in the grade(s) awarded to you and other students who sat the exam, it is unlikely that further allowances will be made by Warwick.

Will I be sent more information on Warwick before I start there?

If you are successful in gaining a place at Warwick for 2019 entry, we will send you a Welcome to Warwick pack in early September. Your Welcome pack will include plenty of information to help you prepare for arriving at Warwick, and to support you during your first few weeks. When you arrive, there will be lots going on to help you settle in and find out more about the University, and to introduce you to all the opportunities available to you as a Warwick student.

I am an international student. Will I be sent more information on Warwick before I start there?

All international students who have accepted their offer will be sent a digital copy of The International Guide which is produced by the Office for Global Engagement. The International Guide contains information and guidance for students who will be moving to the UK to begin their studies at Warwick. The guide also includes information on how to prepare for Warwick (including applying for your visa and booking your accommodation), as well as adapting to life in the UK. There is also information on travelling and arriving at Warwick.

I will not be at home during August and September. How will Warwick contact me?

It is very important that we know where we can contact you in the months before you start at Warwick. If you are hoping to join the University this September, please ensure that we have your correct contact details so that you receive your Welcome to Warwick pack and other information safely.

I applied successfully in a previous year and postponed my entry to 2019. What happens next?

You should have received and replied to an email earlier this year confirming that you are still intending to come to Warwick. If you did not receive this email, or did not reply to it, please contact UG Admissions on If you have registered for accommodation, they will in touch shortly regarding your allocation. You will receive a welcome pack in either late August or September.

I deferred my entry to 2019. What happens next?

If you have deferred your entry to 2019 you will need to pay particular attention to the pages "Applicants holding a Conditional Firm (CF) offer", "Applicants holding a Conditional Insurance offer" or "Applicants holding an Unconditional offer" depending on the type of offer you are holding. Current information on accommodation, finance and enrolment for 2019 entry will be sent to you this time next year if you are successful in securing a place.

We will also write to you in the spring of 2019 to confirm that you still wish to take your place in September 2019. It is therefore important that you advise us of any changes to your contact details over the coming year or if you are not going to be able to take up your place.

If I knew then what I know now...

I wish I'd known that it was ok not to be into going out, that even if you were the quiet bookish type, you'd still make friends and find like minded people.


I wish I hadn't worried about accommodation. I got my fifth choice, which I was disappointed with, however when I got to know the people I really enjoyed living there.


I wish I had realised that everyone else was just as lost and scared as I was to start with!


I wish I had prepared a to-do list, during the first week there are a lot of things you need to do and different places you need to be. Writing a list will keep you on top of everything.