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Engagement Learning Circles

Learning circles (LCs) are our guides to decide what the Institute should do, and how, and the place of engagement at Warwick. They are each made up of a group of Fellows / Institute staff with an interest in a particular topic related to engagement, and are chaired by a Fellow of the Institute. The Learning Circle chairs meet once a term to update on progress, and WIE reviews the work of all Learning Circles every 6 months.

The WIE Learning Circle Chairs at our WIE Celebration Event, 2nd March 2022

The Learning Circles kicked off in January 2021, and over their first 6 months they have not only had some fascinating discussions but also managed to deliver concrete outcomes and contributions to the way Warwick thinks about, values and supports Public Engagement, both now and in the future. Highlights include:

  • the production and delivery of a substantial review of the University’s Impact, Outreach and Engagement promotion criteria for the Provost, which will feed into the 21-22 Academic Promotion cycle.
  • the production and delivery of a detailed blueprint for a new International Hub of Excellence in STEM Public Engagement as part of the STEM Grand Challenge project, which has been endorsed by the STEM Grand Challenge Group.
  • substantial support from across numerous Learning Circles for the development of WIE’s new ’Training Festival’ programme, as well as a co-ordinated plan for how LCs related to training will work together.

Find out more about the work of our Learning Circles below:

Learning Circle 1: Staff Engagement Training

This LC supports WIE in the development of high quality staff engagement training. They help drive the strategic direction of the training programme and ensure all training being delivered by the Institute and their fellows is of a high standard.

training map snapshot

Learning Circle 2: Developing the New Skills of Engagement

This LC specialises in the discussion, development of support and training for innovative formats of Engagement communication (e.g. Video/Audio/Animation/Print Design/Online).

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Learning Circle 3: Guide to Promoting Events and Event Management

This LC leads on the development of a comprehensive guide to help staff promote and manage their public engagement events.

megaphone and other events related icons

Learning Circle 4: Evaluation and Assessment of PE Projects

This LC focuses on the development of strategies for the robust and useful evaluation of Public Engagement activities and projects. It will in turn produce recommendations, support, and contribute to training (e.g. a moodle course) and templates to aid effective evaluation and assessment of PE projects by Warwick Staff.

chalkboard showing happy, sad, neutral faces

Learning Circle 5: Supporting Public Engagement elements of Staff Research/Teaching Funding Bids

This LC works in conjunction with the WIE team to act as a "surgery"; where staff members seeking to submit research/teaching funding bids including elements of Public Engagement can come for advice and feedback on draft applications. It also supports the development of resources to advise staff and students potentially applying for funding.

money growing plants

Learning Circle 6: Student Training in Public Engagement (UG and PG)

This LC supports the development of public engagement training for UG and PG students; as well as working with the WIE Team to develop and deliver live sessions for Student Opportunity and Skills events; contributing to WIE’s IATL module - Public Engagement: Connecting Communities to Research; as well as occasional contributions where appropriate to UG modules across the Faculties.

snapshot of the wie skills festival map

Learning Circle 7: Developing a Pedagogy of Public Engagement

This LC runs in conjunction with WIHEA, and is developing recommendations, best practice guidance and templates in the field of the Pedagogy of Public Engagement (teaching and assessment) focused at both UG and PGT level. They work in collaboration with LC 6 (above) and will also participate where appropriate in UG Opportunity and Skills sessions and WIE’s IATL module. It will also in turn offer support where appropriate to staff and Departments (and EPQ) for the introduction of Public Engagement aspects to current modules / new Public Engagement modules and forms of assessment.

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Learning Circle 8: Development of Best Practice for Talking to Different Audience Groups

This LC is working to develop recommendations and training for staff and students on how to best communicate with different audience groups with different communication challenges and needs.

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Learning Circle 9: Promotion and Impact, Outreach and Engagement Review

This LC supported a project commissioned by the Provost to revisit and update examples of evidence for Impact, Outreach and Engagement (I, O, E) cited in the University’s Promotions Criteria. They are also producing recommendations for expansion of the I, O, E banding in Promotions Criteria, and will lead in the development of an I, O, E workshop to support staff applying for promotion.

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Learning Circle 10: EUTOPIA Public Engagement Strategy Development

This LC is working with WIE and Warwick EUTOPIA teams to help develop EUTOPIA Post-Doc and PhD Public Engagement training; as well as lead on Warwick’s response to the EUTOPIA 'Knowledge Bazaar' initiative: showcasing in an innovative and engaging way 3 research projects from Warwick as part of a EUTOPIA public-facing digital engagement zone.

map of Europe with countries connected by strings and pins

Learning Circle 11: Co-Producing Research and Collaborating with Communities

This LC is focussed on strategies for the effective co-production of research and engagement activities with community and patient groups, individuals, and non-HE organisations. It's also supporting the development of training for staff wishing to develop strategies for co-production and community engagement.

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Learning Circle 12: Developing an Inclusive Engagement approach

This LC is considering ways in which Warwick Engagement activities can be more inclusive, in line with the University’s Inclusion Strategy. It will, where appropriate, provide recommendations and support to other Learning Circles on an Inclusive Engagement approach.

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Learning Circle 13: The Future of Engagement in Higher Education

This LC is exploring the long-term future development of Engagement in Higher Education - both for Warwick, and other institutions.

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