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Research Summary and Bibliographies

My research on Fredric Jameson seeks to advance the project of establishing Jameson as an autonomous field of interdisciplinary study which has been developing in the critical literature since the early 2000s; initially in Ian Buchanan's work and then more recently in books by Robert Tally and Philip Wegner. I am particularly interested in the figure of aesthetic modernism as both a unifying and a destabilizing feature which runs throughout Jameson's canon. My work on Jameson also seeks to contextualize his work within frameworks beyond the paradigm of postmodernism with which it is still generally associated with. In particular I seek to relate it to contemporary debates around the question of world literature, and to the historical background of mutations in US imperialism since the early 1970s (the period of neoliberal globalization, or the 'new imperialism').

My work on Cormac McCarthy focusses on McCarthy's relationship with continental philosophy, and thus seeks to read McCarthy's novels beyond its national, regional or generic contexts. My first article on McCarthy focusses on the Heideggerian features of Blood Meridian (1985), and my next articles uses a Lacanian framework to read the narrative construction of his Border Trilogy (1992-1998).

Below are some selective bibliographies covering the different areas of my research.

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