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  • Wellbeing
  • Security Team
  • Student Careers and Opportunities
  • Funding Opportunities
  • The Library
  • Language Centre


Wellbeing Services provide a range of support to help you develop the personal resources and skills you need to navigate the challenges and opportunities of student life. The University of Warwick is committed to providing a supportive and positive environment for all members of its community. However, we recognise that there will be times in everybody's University life when things do not go as well as you would wish. In times like these, there is a comprehensive support and welfare structure available to help with all kinds of different problems.

Wellbeing Services

Security Team

If you need help in an emergency or have any concerns about safety on and off-campus contact the Security Team.

Phone number: 024 7652 2083 or internal extension 22083

Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students at the University of Warwick is supported in her role by three Faculty Senior Tutors. Working closely with colleagues across the university, the Dean of Students provides strategic leadership for the provision of academic pastoral support for students, ensuring that practice at Warwick is sector leading and supports both academic outcomes and the wellbeing of students.

Dean of Students Office

Student Careers and Opportunities

Student Careers and Opportunities exist to enable Warwick students at all levels to devise and implement their lifelong career plans. You can access the support at any stage of your time here but would be well advised to start early!

Funding Opportunities

You can find a list of resources to help you find funding for projects and development opportunities during your PhD here. You can find information about living expenses, travel costs, organising an event or conference, publication costs and more.

Student Careers and Skills

You have a designated Senior Careers Consultant, Millie Tissut, who has extensive experience working with students of History. She is familiar with the range of employment opportunities open to students of your discipline and can advise you on the relevant application processes.

Millie can be contacted by email ( You may also make an appointment to see your advisor through MyAdvantage.


You might also want to look at the accounts run by Student Careers and Skills:

Facebook: Twitter: Blog:

The Library

You’ll find more than books at the Library. You’ll find resources such as online journal articles and ebooks available wherever you are and services to help you develop your information skills or your use of multimedia. The library also has a variety of study environments to suit your study needs.

To access Warwick Library e-resources, you can either follow the links from the Library website, Encore (, or Library Catalogue ( These links will usually take you straight to the Warwick Web Sign-on or the Library Login screens where you will need to enter your Warwick username and password. You should then be taken straight to the e-resource you selected with access to Warwick subscribed content. Access will usually be the same whether you are on or off-campus.

A comprehensive list of Library resources for History students is available at

If you need help finding material for your study, please contact the Academic Support Librarian for History.

The Library

  • Floor 1: General services and the Short Loan Collection, a collection of heavy-use material
  • Floor 2: Sciences
  • Floor 3: Arts
  • Floor 4: Education, Law, Statistics and Official Publications
  • Floor 5: Social Sciences

The Modern Records Centre

As a Warwick student, you have one of the finest collections of modern archives in the country on your doorstep here at the MRC. They could help you make a genuinely original contribution to your field of study.


IT Facilities and Training

Students are expected to be computer literate. You will need to make use of computers for word processing, access to the Library catalogue and its collection of online resources. All students need to acquire these skills during the first term of their first year.

If you need any help accessing the website or registering with IT Services please contact the Help and Advisory desk in the Student Computer Centre, phone 73737, or by e-mail at

IT Services Free Training Courses

University Nursery

The University Nursery provides friendly and professional childcare for children of Warwick University members, including students. Details of the Nursery, including fees and opening hours, can be found on the University Nursery website. Enquiries can be sent by email to or by phone at 024 76523389 (internal extension 23389).

University Nursery

International Student Office

At Warwick, we place great emphasis on support for our international students. We work to make our campus a friendly and caring place in which our students can excel. Coming to study in a new country is a huge challenge, involving many difficulties and uncertainties, therefore at Warwick, we have a comprehensive range of counselling and support services available, for free, to all our international students.

The International Student Office is a friendly team of experienced staff, here to support all EU and overseas students during their studies at the University of Warwick. You are encouraged to contact them if you have queries or difficulties about anything during your stay.

International Student Office

Language Centre

The Language Centre supports the University's commitment to the increased provision of foreign language learning opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students and staff across the University. The Language Centre is located on the ground floor of the Humanities Building and can be contacted by email at 

Language Centre



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Student Voice

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