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Week 12 - War, Violence, and Modernity II: Holocaust and Genocides

Please note that we will not be having seminar at the normal time this week. Based on your responses, we are now meeting for two smaller sessions. You are welcome to come to either, dependent on your schedules, but please w dot h dot rupp at warwick dot ac dot uk to let me know which one you're coming to. The options are:

  • Wednesday 16 January, 1-2pm in H4.22/4
  • Friday 18 January, 11am-12pm in S1.66

For this week, please read the four key articles listed on the module website for this week.

Music By Which To Read

In line with this week's topic, we'll be exploring music written about genocide, particularly the Holocaust. The Spotify playlist is here and you can see the text version here.