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Network Activities

27 - 30 August 2008 (University of Lyon)
IXth International Conference on Urban History. Network member Susanne Rau is co-organising a session entitled 'Lyon Regarded from Elsewhere (1200-1845): Exchanges, Contests and Perceptions' (see Session 12). It will examine external perceptions of and transformations within the city, above all from the perspective of its partners and competitors.


7 - 9 June 2007 (Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme, Aix-en-Provence, France)
Sites, Places, Spaces (Workshop III of the Leverhulme Trust Academic Network)

Conference Report (French) by Anne Montenach in: Quaderni storici 124 (2007)

Conference Report (Italian) by Anne Montenach in: Quaderni storici 124 (2007)

Proceedings (ed. Wolfgang Kaiser) forthcoming


30 November - 2 December 2006 (Technical University Dresden, Germany)
Social Space and Religious Culture (Workshop II of the Leverhulme Trust Academic Network)

Conference Report (English) by Susan R. Boettcher and James Brown on: H-Soz-u-Kult

Conference Report (French) by Mathilde Monge in: Revue d'Histoire ecclésiastique (March 2008)

Proceedings (eds. Susanne Rau and Gerd Schwerhoff) forthcoming


3-6 November 2005 (University of Warwick)
Political Space in Preindustrial Europe (Workshop I of the Leverhulme Trust Academic Network): Programme and abstracts.
Conference report by James Brown and Christian Hochmuth, published on H-Soz-u-Kult and other academic discussion fora.
Proceedings (ed. Beat Kümin) to be published by Ashgate in 2008.

28 July 2005 (University of Warwick)
Representing Space in the Renaissance (Workshop organized by James Brown as part of the AHRC-funded 'Warburg Institute/University of Warwick Research Training Programme: Resources and Techniques for the Study of Renaissance and Early Modern Culture')

5 March 2005 (University of Warwick)
Thinking Space in Early Modern England (Interdisciplinary Conference, organised by James Brown). See the conference report.

14 September 2004 (Kiel)
'Microspace and Larger World' - "Die grosse Welt im kleinen Raum. Städtische Kommunikationsräume in der Frühen Neuzeit''.
First results of the project 'social sites' were presented in a session of the 45. Deutscher Historikertag in Kiel, Germany.

1. Abstracts of session papers:
Gerd Schwerhoff, ' Einleitung';
Beat Kümin, ' Wirtshaus, Verkehr und Kommunikationsrevolution im frühneuzeitlichen Alpenraum';
Susanne Rau, ' Orte der Gastlichkeit - Orte der Kommunikation. Fremde in französischen Städten der Frühen Neuzeit';
Jochen Hoock, ' Markt und Märkte im frühneuzeitlichen Europa';
Wolfgang Kaiser, ' Zwischen Loggia und Fondouk. Transkultureller Handel und Kommunikation zwischen Südeuropa und dem Maghreb in der Frühen Neuzeit';
Martina Löw, ' Kommentar'

2. Presentations:
Video recording of the session.

3. Session review:
Written by Rotraud Ries for H-Soz-u-Kult (online platform for scholarly exchange on historical research).

4. Publication
Proceedings of the session have since appeared in Renate Dürr and Gerd Schwerhoff (eds), Kirchen, Märkte und Tavernen: Erfahrungs- und Handlungsräume in der Frühen Neuzeit, a special issue of the journal Zeitsprünge: Forschungen zur Frühen Neuzeit 9 (3-4/2005).


Rye House, Lee Valley (Photo: th)







The Cockpit. Engraving by William Hogarth (1759)