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Neoliberalism, Food Security and Food Sovereignty

PLEASE NOTE that this lecture will take place from 14.00-15.00 in R0.14. (Ramphal Building). It will be followed by a single group seminar from 15.00-16.00 in R3.41.


What is neoliberalism? What is biopower (or biopolitics)?

Explain the emergence of the concepts of food security and food sovereignty.

Where is the problem of food security located—at the global level, at the national level, at the level of the household, or with individuals?

Do people have a 'right' to food?

Read AT LEAST ONE of these:

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AND read one of these two:

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Richardson, Ben, 'Still Slaving Over Sugar', openDemocracy: Beyond Global Slavery, February 2015.

Richardson, Ben, 'The Unequal Embodiment of Sugar'

To Learn More:

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*Sign into the Warwick Library catalogue to access the electronic version.