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Religious Conflict and Civil War in France c. 1560-1600 (HI388): Module Assessment

Non-assessed assignments for this module are as follows:

  • Seminar presentations
  • Two-term variant: A dissertation plan or 2,000 word essay (due Monday, week 1, term 2)
  • One-term variant: A dissertation plan or 2,000 word essay (due Monday, week 7, term 2 - 19 February 2018)
  • A practice documents paper (due Thursday, week 1, term 3 - 26 April 2018)

The assessment for this module is determined by whether or not the student will be basing a Dissertation on the module:

  • For students who are not basing a Dissertation on this module: a two-hour exam (*) and a 4,500 word essay
  • For students who are basing a Dissertation on this module: a three-hour exam (*)

* The documents paper requires you to comment on extracts from documents in the Potter book and your documents pack, as well as providing the opportunity for you to demonstrate wider knowledge of the primary sources you have studied, and/or the themes of the module, by answering one or two essay questions.

For details of examination and assessment, please see

Additional English language sources available in the library include:

  • Blaise de Monluc, Commentaires (Ian Roy, ed., as The Habsburg-Valois Wars and the French Wars of Religion, 1971)
  • Pierre de L’Estoile, Mémoires-Journaux (translated by Nancy L. Roelker as The Paris of Henri IV as seen by Pierre de L’Estoile, 1958)

Both texts are also available in French.

If you want to engage more extensively with French language primary sources, please ask me for suggestions. One of the most widely used is:

  • Histoire ecclésiastique des églises réformées au royaume de France (3 vols., attributed to Théodore de Bèze; eds. Baum, Cunitz and Reuss, 1974; reprint of 1883-89 edn) which resides on my office shelf, so just ask if you would like to consult it.

Also useful are these collections and contextualisation of contemporary images:

  • The French Renaissance in Prints from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (1994-95)
  • Coligny: Protestants et Catholiques en France au XVIe siècle (Direction des archives de France, 1972)