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Hispanic Studies and Economics

The below course structure is indicative. Modules on offer change year on year, dependent on staff research interests and availability.

Year One

Core Modules

Modern Spanish Language (HP101-30)


Economics 1 (EC107)


Quantitative Techniques (EC120-30) comprising of Mathematical Techniques (EC121-12), Statistical Techniques (EC122-12) and Computing/data analysis (EC125-6)

Optional Modules
  Choose one of the following Hispanic Studies option modules
  Language, Text and Identity in the Hispanic World (HP103-30)  
  Icons and Representations of the Hispanic World (HP104-30)  

Year Two/Three

Core Modules
  Modern Spanish Language II (HP201-30) or Modern Spanish Language II post-beginners (HP202-30)
  Economics 2 (EC204)
Optional Modules
  Intermediate Year Hispanic Studies Modules
  Applied Econometrics (EC203-30) OR
  Econometrics 1 (EC226-30)

Year Two/Three - Spent Abroad

Year Four

Core Modules
  Modern Spanish Language III (HP301-30)

Research in Applied Economics (EC331-30)


Research Methods in Economics (EC346-15)  AND one of the following 15 CAT modules:

EC307: Macroeconomic Policy in the EU; EC312: International Economics; EC313: The International Economy in the Twentieth Century

Optional Modules

Final Year Hispanic Studies Modules


Option module from Economics


*Exceptional case for 15 credits external module may be approved