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Education Forum

Next online meeting: Thursday 31st March 2022, 2pm - 3.30pm (MS Teams) 

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About the Education Forum

This is a collaborative space for sharing effective practice and supporting cross-institutional conversations about teaching and learning. Teaching focused colleagues play a vital role in enhancing student learning and ensuring Warwick’s success as a leading institution. This forum provides an opportunity to engage with colleagues from across the University to discuss issues and challenges, but also to build a community of teaching focused staff with a stronger collective voice within the institution.

Agenda highlights for the upcoming March 2022 meeting:

1. Education for Sustainable Development.

Lory Barile, lead of the Education for Sustainable Development Learning Circle (LC), will share some of the work of this LC and lead discussions about embedding sustainability into the curriculum.

2. Wellbeing Pedagogies.

This will be an opportunity to hear about the work of the Wellbeing Pedagogies Learning Circle and its impending transformation into an open Forum.

3. Exploring the connections - open discussion.

This will be an opportunity to explore the connections between sustainability and wellbeing, particularly in relation to how students are experiencing the climate emergency.

4. Shaping the return of the Warwick Education Conference.

We are aiming to relaunch the Conference this year and will have a brief discussion to consider the format, topics, structure, etc., that will be of value to the community.

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