This volume, edited by Maureen and Paul Brown, has now been published by the Buckinghamshire Record Society (vol.39, 2019).

The Churchwardens’ Accounts of All Saints, Wing, were kept faithfully through one of the most turbulent periods of English history.  Shortly after 1527 when the church inventory and the income and expenditure were first detailed Henry VIII fell out with Rome and the Reformation began. The twists and turns the wardens were forced into as Edward VI, Mary and then Elizabeth repeatedly changed religious practices are mirrored in the accounts. When the affairs of the church appeared to be settling down the stresses and strains in society that led to the Civil War began to show – followed by the war itself. Wing found itself on the front line in both religious and military matters.  Throughout this period the fortunes of the Lords of the Manor, the Catholic Dormer family, who were both rich and influential, were inextricably linked with All Saints Church.  It appears that the people of Wing at least at first were as reluctant as the Dormers to let go of the old religion. Frequent summonses to account for themselves during visitations by Archdeacons and Bishops made sure the churchwardens were kept in line.

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