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Forum - Parish News Ardchattan Parish Archive

  1. I have just found this amazing resource and was invited to introduce my interest. I live in North Argyll, West coast Scotland and host a physical, digital and community archive for the parish of Ardchattan. Our interests cover from Big Bang to Present Day, which means there is little being concentrated on, but so much to learn about. We have significant heritage in each epoch from having one of the earliest fossils, the last ice, most southern Picts, a whole horde of prehistoric sites, a dash of Norse, a whole mess of Campbell's of different ilks, a splash of Bruce and a Gaelic parliament, large population of the mundane and ordinary, of mostly Hanovarian persuasion, a plethora of kirks, schools and (unpreposessing) hostelries (according to Dorothy Wordworth), up to the present era including war time spies and naval convoys. 

    "Life" has meant there has been no significant projects in the last couple of years, maybe 2021 will be different, but an online resource is always being added to  :  .. Facebook is a great way to stay connected : and  .. and 

    I look forward to learning a great deal and enjoy being a member, thank you.

  2. It is great to see this active research in your local parish. These online resources will be very helpful and having them on My Parish will hopefully draw attention from some new people. I will add a link to your wikidot page to our list of online resources.