The Council of the Lincoln Records Society (LRS) publishes a series of local records editions with Boydell and Brewer. One of our members prepared a complete and accurate transcription of the Spalding Townhusbands'  Accounts (Almshouses) spanning the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries for the series (1591-1697). The Townhusbands are still an extant organisation and have been supportive of this venture. The transcription is 300 pages.  Sadly, the member died before she could complete the publication; she also was librarian of the Spalding Gentlemen's Society where the original manuscript resides.

The LRS and the Spalding Gentlemen are seeking a scholar interested in picking up the project, which would involve some transcription checking (the current transcription is very accurate, and digital files may be able to be provided), and a contextual introduction and apparatus. The book contains some surprising information. On the flyleaf of the book is a record of all the citizens of Spalding who gave money for the relief of slaves held by the Turks, and the only extant record of the establishment of the Spalding Parish Library.

If you are interested in the project please send an email to Professor Anna Marie Roos ( and she can provide you with a complete transcription in PDF and put you in touch with the editor of the Boydell and Brewer series.