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County List

Each county has two attachments. The first is a list of parishes within the county, detailing their place within the Church's administrative structure along with the survival of churchwardens' accounts. The second is a map showing the position of the parishes, with surviving accounts, within the county.



Anglesey Map
Bedfordshire Map
Berkshire Map
Brecon Map
Buckinghamshire Map
Caernavon Map
Cambridgeshire Map
Cardigan Map
Carmarthan Map
Channel Islands  
Cheshire Map
City of London Map
Cornwall Map
Cumberland Map
Denbigh Map
Derbyshire Map
Devon Map
Dorset Map
Durham Map
Essex Map
Flintshire Map
Glamorgan Map
Gloucester Map
Hampshire Map
Herefordshire Map
Hertfordshire Map
Huntingdonshire Map 
Isle of Man Map
Isle of Wight Map
Kent Map
Lancashire Map
Leicestershire Map
Lincolnshire Map
Merioneth Map
Middlesex Map
Monmouth Map
Montgomery Map
Norfolk Map
Northamptonshire Map
Northumberland Map
Nottinghamshire Map 
Oxford Map
Pembroke Map
Radnor Map
Rutland Map
Shropshire Map
Somerset Map
Staffordshire Map
Suffolk Map
Surrey Map
Sussex, East Map
Sussex, West Map
Warwickshire Map
Westmorland Map
Wiltshire Map
Worcestershire Map
Yorkshire East Riding Map
Yorkshire, North Riding and City of York Map
Yorkshire West Riding Map