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Events 2018

Events 2017

  • Gibbet Hill Health and Wellbeing Day - WSG and Athena SWAN SAT, Organised and managed by WMS to showcase all of the health and wellbeing activities available across campus. The event included taster sessions in; mindfulness, hula hooping, salsa, stretching and relaxing, a smoothie bike, protein ‘power bowl’ food demonstrations, herbal tea tasting, fitness MOT and massages, April 2017
  • International Women’s Day - Breakfast, WSG and Athena SWAN SAT, A breakfast session focused on championing women’s education which is one of the bold actions for this year under the International Women’s Day banner #beboldforchange. Charoula Tzanakou, a Research Fellow originally from the Department of Politics and International Studies, has been carrying out work throughout the university in this field and will be presenting local data on women’s education, March 2017
  • The XMaS Scientist Experience - UoW, ScienceGrrl Chapter, participated in an evening extravaganzas highlighting inspiring careers and
    exciting science. Get to talk to young children about opportunities in science and get them involved in activities, January 2017

Events 2016

  • Mentoring (Meet, Match, Mentor) Lunch, WMS Academic, Professional and Support Staff, June, 2016
  • Skirting Science, Selfie Science, Solihull, CW ScienceGrrl chapter, June, 2016
  • Cheltenham Science Festival, June 7 - 12, 2016
  • Big Bang @ Warwick Castle, ScienceGrrl CW chapter, April 22, 2016
  • ScienceGrrl Coventry & Warwickshire Chapter - 1st Anniversary Celebration, April 16, 2016 @ The Larder Box Cafe, Warwick
  • The Big Bang Fair - 16 - 19 March 2016, NEC
  • International Women’s Day at WMS, Celebration of AS and formal launch of Work Experience Pack, March, 2016
  • Skirting Science, Solihull Selfie Science, ScienceGrrl CW chapter, March, 2016
  • Selfie Science at Sidney Stringer Academy, ScienceGrrl CW chapter, February 10, 2016 - Outreach Activity with 210 students
  • ScienceGrrl CW chapter meeting, January 15, 2016

Events 2015

  • Outreach Activity at Lutterworth High School, Selfie Science, ScienceGrrl CW chapter, December 1, 2015
    • The year 8 students (30) learnt how to build a pin hole camera with cereal boxes and develop the pictures with household materials like instant coffee and washing soda.
  • ScienceGrrl chapter meeting, monthly meetings, August to November 2015, Medical School
  • ScienceGrrl chapter meeting, Presentation by Shaheen Charlwood (WMG Teaching Fellow) on Women in Engineering Conference. Also did crystallography outreach activities, July 2, 2015, Medical School.
  • The Big Bang Fair, West Midlands at The Ricoh Arena - 25 June 2015
    • A wonderful collaboration between Medical School research and Clinical education. We had two large stands with support from the School of Life Sciences on heart and lung physiology. Children were able to measure heart rate and electrocardiograms, lung volumes, simulate asthma and build molecular models of drugs used to treat asthma. Medical students demonstrated a human skeleton, a 3D brain puzzle model, a stethoscope with listening board of a torso and a dummy for CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
  • ScienceGrrl chapter meeting, Medical School student demonstrations led by Deborah Markham. June 3, 2015, Medical School.
    • Medical students demonstrated a human skeleton, a 3D brain puzzle model, a stethoscope with listening board of a torso and a dummy for CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
    • Hands on physics experiments by Piraveen Gopalasingam.
  • ScienceGrrl chapter meeting , Presentation by Jon Wood, Birmingham ScienceGrrl chapter lead, on their activities and outreach, May 5, 2015 Medical School.
  • ScienceGrrl Launch - April 1, 2015, The Larder Box Cafe, Warwick. Official launch of the Coventry and Warwickshire Chapter established by Professor Judith Klein in honour of International Women's Day 2015.
    • At the event, the National Organisation of ScienceGrrl was discussed, and the types of activities our local chapter engages in:The chapter meets on a monthly basis, for topical discussions, with demonstrations by the members of their examples of science communication activities.
      • We promote gender equality by changing culture.
      • We take political action.We organise talks by non-traditional male/female role models and presentations and discussions on gender equality in science.
      • We conduct primary and secondary school outreach.
      • We prepare teacher materials on women in science.
      • We represent ScienceGrrl at career events and science fairs.
      • We develop resources of events, contacts and other information useful for teachers, parents and everyone interested in promoting girls in science.
      • We communicate within the chapter, with the national ScienceGrrl group and other organisations such as Women in Science, Women's Academic Network (WAN) and the Senior Women's Academic Network.
  • UoW Year 11s Careers event for Coventry Schools, March 2015, in conjunction with Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG). Parental Engagement; providing experience and guidance about girls studying science and women in science