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What's IT all about

Several of the UK's top companies in the IT sector came together to present to members of the University highlights of the industry. They explained not only the cutting edge, development-led aspects we hear about in the media but also about the day-to-day life of workers in the sector.

Sessions on “A Day in the Life of ...” were complemented by demonstrations of technology and seminars on “Hot Topics”, such as “The Next Generation Web”. The day was rounded off with a “Dragons’ Den” event, at which shortlisted student entrants put forward their ideas for promoting interest in IT in schools.The winner of the event, fourth year CS student Lee Herrington, gave a convincing argument for the use of technology driven films as showcases for what IT can and cannot do in 2007 and carried off the £1000 prize.

The event was attended by over 200 undergraduates, from several departments, the overwhelming majority coming from our own Computer Science, Computing Systems or Computer and Business Studies degree courses. Those I spoke to afterwards commended the event as a valuable addition to their regular classes, opening up the IT industry in a way which standard careers fairs cannot do. It gave them the chance not just to learn what’s happening in IT, but to meet the people they might be working with in one or two years’ time. According to Chris Wetton, a third year Computer Science student, “It was an enjoyable day, and something different. The presentations were interesting and provided a real insight into life in the IT industry, while the opportunity to meet potential employers and hear from their graduate recruits was really valuable”.

The employers were equally enthusiastic - “A great success - we look forward to working with Warwick in future years” was the verdict of one employer.

Hot Topic Podcasts

iGoogle rss2

Agile Software Development

00:35 Sat 24 Nov 2007

Presented by: Nathan Sutton from Tibco

Download (MP3 format, 49:03, 47 MB)


00:15 Sat 24 Nov 2007

Presented by: Alastair Newson from Oracle

Download (MP3 format, 26:01, 25 MB)

Coding the Next Generation Web

23:56 Fri 23 Nov 2007

Presented by: Ed Dunhill & Ben Coley from Microsoft.

Download (MP3 format, 46:07, 44 MB)

Large scale software developments & management

22:37 Fri 23 Nov 2007

Presented by: Ian Craney from Accenture

Download (MP3 format, 32:47, 31 MB)

Virtual worlds and 3D internet

22:06 Fri 23 Nov 2007

Presented by: Roo Reynolds from IBM.

Download (MP3 format, 49:35, 48 MB)