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Permanent position, 1.0 FTE.

The Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematics invite applications for a Professor in the area of Discrete Mathematics, in Algorithms and Complexity, in Theoretical Computer Science, or in relevant areas on the interface of Computer Science and Mathematics. Candidates will have an internationally leading research profile and be able to provide academic leadership.

Candidates should have strong research programmes, a commitment to teaching, a proven record of attracting research funding and supervision of research students.

Preference will be given to candidates with an independent research agenda who will: (i) complement existing strengths in the Department of Computer Science, the Mathematics Institute, and the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP), and (ii) bridge between existing areas of expertise within DIMAP, the Department of Computer Science and the Mathematics Institute. Relevant areas of interest include, but are not limited to, discrete mathematics, combinatorics, graph theory, theoretical computer science, design and analysis of algorithms and data structures, computational complexity.

Applications will be considered on their merits. As the Department of Computer Science and the Mathematics Institute are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion among their staff and students, candidates of underrepresented genders or ethnicities are encouraged. Applications for part-time or other flexible working arrangements will be considered.

Together with a completed application form, candidates should submit a Curriculum Vitae which includes a list of publications. Shortlisted candidates will be requested to arrange for three reference letters to be submitted to the University. It will be the responsibility of shortlisted applicants to ensure that the reference letters are received within 3 weeks of the request date. The post reference number should be quoted in all correspondence.

Informal enquires can be addressed to Professor Yulia Timofeeva (, Head of Computer Science), Professor John Greenlees (, Head of Mathematics), Professor Artur Czumaj (, Head of DIMAP) or Professor Oleg Pikhurko (, Mathematics Institute and DIMAP).


The postholder will undertake research, teaching, administration and other activities supporting the work of the Department of Computer Science, the Mathematics Institute, and the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP), developing and enhancing their reputation, both internal and external to the University.

The postholder will be formally based jointly in the Department of Computer Science and the Mathematics Institute.



1. To carry out independent research of high international standard and to provide academic leadership in the area of Discrete Mathematics or in Algorithms and Complexity, or in relevant areas on the interface of Computer Science and Mathematics.

2. To contribute to the research activities of the Department of Computer Science and the Mathematics Institute, and by DIMAP by developing a research programme, planning and co-ordinating a broad research activity or programme, sustaining an extensive track record of published research findings, maintaining an expert reputation in a subject area of international stature.

3. To publish research outcomes in appropriate journals of international standing and to publish and disseminate the result of research and scholarship in other reputable outlets.

4. To attend and present research findings and papers at academic and professional conferences, and to contribute to the external visibility of the departments.

5. To secure, in collaboration with colleagues as appropriate, external funding through research grants or contracts to support a developing research agenda.

6. To manage research projects within the University, including their financial control and to supervise post-doctoral research assistants, research students, technical and other support staff engaged in research.

7. Where appropriate, to develop the socio-economic impact of research achievements and, with the assistance of Research and Impact Services, to take action to protect research results by patent application or copyright to the potential benefit of the University.

8. To identify and explore with the two Departments and the University any entrepreneurial opportunities which may arise and to ensure that intellectual property rights are protected for the benefit of the University and the researcher.

9. Where appropriate and expedient, to secure contract work to the benefit of (your) research activity and to provide resources to underpin this activity.

10. To contribute to the research plans developed by the Departments and by DIMAP, including providing such information as may be required by the Departments to monitor the progress of each member of staff’s research programme and to support the Departments fully in the preparation of material required for research assessments or similar activities.


11. To give lectures, seminars, tutorials and other classes as appropriate in support of the required teaching obligations and to supervise project work by undergraduate and postgraduate students, as appropriate.

12. To co-operate with colleagues in the continuous review and development of the curriculum and in the design and launch of new degrees or other academic awards where appropriate.

13. To co-operate with colleagues in the management and development of an undergraduate joint degree in Discrete Mathematics, run jointly by the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematics.

14. To design and be responsible for the contents of specific areas of teaching and learning within the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

15. To support students during any exchange programmes as required.

16. To ensure that student feedback on teaching is sought through questionnaires and other sources and to respond constructively to such feedback.

17. To maintain a broad knowledge of research and scholarship in relevant fields to ensure that teaching meets the standards expected within a research-led University.

18. To undertake academic duties (i.e. setting examination questions, marking, invigilation and pastoral support of students) required to sustain the delivery of high quality teaching.

19. To support and comply with the University and Departmental teaching quality assurance standards and procedures including the provision of such information as may be required by the Departments or the University.

Administration and Other Activities

20. To undertake such specific departmental roles and management functions as may be reasonably required by the Head of the relevant Department.

21. To participate in Departmental activities such as Open Days and Graduation Ceremonies, as required.

22. To attend Departmental meetings and to participate in other committees and working groups within the Departments, the Faculty and the University.

23. To participate in relevant professional activities and engage in continuous professional development.

24. To undertake external commitments which reflect well on and enhance the reputation of the University.

25. To ensure compliance with health and safety in all aspects of work.

The duties and responsibilities outlined are not intended to be an exhaustive list but provide guidance on the main aspects of the job. The post holder will be required to be flexible in their duties.

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