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Theory and Foundations

Overview of theme

Research in our Theory and Foundations division is concerned with various topics of Theoretical Computer Science, such as design and analysis of algorithms, complexity theory, logic, automata and formal verification. Our research aims at providing understanding of fundamental problems arising in Computer Science and to design mathematical tools and better algorithms to solve these problems.

Theory and Foundations

Our key research areas include:

  • algorithmic aspects of game theory and economics
  • automata and formal languages
  • cryptography and quantum computing
  • combinatorics, and their applications
  • logic and games
  • parallel and distributed algorithms
  • random structures and randomized algorithms
  • string algorithms
  • computational complexity
  • discrete mathematics
  • graph and network algorithms
  • online and dynamic algorithms
  • parameterized complexity and structural graph theory
  • sublinear and streaming algorithms

Publications and Projects

Our Publications list provides details of our published papers in books, journals and conferences.

We are involved in many diverse research projects funded by several external bodies such as UK Research and Innovation, The Royal Society, EPSRC etc.

Theory and Foundations Events

Fri 17 May '24
DIMAP Theory Highlights 2024,
Radcliffe (Space 17),
Event starts at 1pm.

This calendar's schedule is empty.

FoCS Theory Day 2023


On June the 8th, FoCS held the Theory Day Workshop. This is an annual event where junior researchers have the opportunity to talk about their current work. The event is attended by students and staff members of FoCS and DIMAP.

For further information see here.