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Theory and Foundations

The Division of Theory and Foundations (aka FoCS: Foundations of Computer Science Research Group) is one of the four divisions in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick, one of the leading Computer Science departments in the United Kingdom.

Research in FoCS is concerned with various topics of Theoretical Computer Science such as Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Complexity Theory, Logic, Automata and Formal Verification. Our research aims at providing understanding of fundamental problems arising in Computer Science and to design mathematical tools and better algorithms to solve these problems. Our key research areas include:

  • randomised and approximation algorithms,
  • network algorithms,
  • complexity theory,
  • discrete mathematics, combinatorics, and their applications,
  • parallel and distributed algorithms,
  • algorithmic aspects of game theory and economics,
  • graph algorithms,
  • string matching,
  • logic, automata and games in computer science,
  • algorithms and complexity of formal verification and synthesis,
  • formal methods for probabilistic, real-time, hybrid, mobile, quantum and biological systems,
  • testing, model checking, deductive verification.

We are the core group affiliated with the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP) at the University of Warwick.

We meet regularly at DIMAP seminars.

More information about the research (including lists of publications) can be found on the web pages of the individual members of the Division of Theory and Foundations and on DIMAP Centre web pages.

More information about our research activities and achievements can be found here.

Information about our teaching activities is available here.

Academic positions

Post-doc positions

PhD Fellowships

  • The research group has funding available to support PhD studentships. Funding covers both academic fees (typically only EU tuition) and subsistence. The main source of funding is through DIMAP PhD studentships; please see there for more details.

    Phd fellowships (UK/EU) under the supervision of Graham Cormode (rolling deadlines)

    Prospective PhD students or other people with a research-related interest: Please feel free to browse our web pages and contact any member of our group for more information.

    Information about applying to the university is here.