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Computer Science students and building


Research Objectives

  • To engage in inter-/multi-disciplinary research to improve quality of life, health, national security, education and social cohesion;
  • To develop new computing science techniques and seek methods of application and commercialisation;
  • To provide leading advice and knowledge transfer to government and industry, and promote jobs and growth through technical innovation.

Focus, Impact, Strengths

Multi-agent systems; Intelligent connected vehicles; Deep learning for imaging data; Multi-agent reinforcement learning; Social media analytics; Health informatics; Explainable AI; Ethics and social shaping of AI

Computational neuroscience; Computational pathology; Systems and synthetic biology; Digital forensics; Multimedia processing and computer vision

Data analysis/ science applications; Data management systems; Dependable systems and safety; Transparent and trustworthy learning; High performance computing; Machine learning; Security and privacy

Topics of theoretical Computer Science; Design and analysis of algorithms; Complexity theory; Logic; Automation; Formal verification; Cryptography; Quantum computing