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Undergraduate Degrees

You can now also download the brochure for our undergraduate programmes.

The degree courses provided by the Department of Computer Science are internationally renowned for their blend of foundational rigour and research-led teaching in cutting-edge domains. Students graduate with the knowledge, skills and confidence to forge careers at the forefront of science and industry.

Our degree courses attract highly qualified students and provide them with a theoretical foundation in established areas of their discipline, as well as the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to industrially relevant problems throughout their degree. This combination enables students to pursue careers in a diversity of sectors, regardless of which of our courses they decide to study. Although our undergraduate students are often attracted to careers in science, technology, finance and government, the challenging nature of our degrees means that our graduates are well prepared for a career in any area.

We offer our degree courses as 3-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) and, in most cases, 4-year Master of Engineering (MEng) variants. Students are offered the flexibility to transfer between BSc and MEng courses until the end of their second year (subject to UK visa regulations). Transfer between courses at the start and end of the first year is possible, subject to academic performance and to UK visa regulations.

The MEng courses we offer provide greater depth and breadth of coverage than their BSc counterparts. This is made possible through an additional year of study in advanced topics and, in the case of Computer Science and Computer Systems Engineering, a significant group project, the completion of which results in graduates who are extremely attractive to employers.

"Joining the Department was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve had experiences that have changed my view of the world and the way I approach problems. It’s more than just technical ability too. The feedback I’m getting on my year at Bank of America is showing me how much companies value the range of skills I’ve developed at Warwick."
William Parsons (Second Year, Computer Science)
We provide a variety of possibilities for our students to enhance their degree with industrial experience or studies overseas. Each of our degree courses has an intercalated year option, which allows students to spend a year working in industry or studying abroad. The year in industry or studying abroad is typically taken as the penultimate year of a degree. Regardless of whether you decide to take an intercalated year, there are ample opportunities to gain industrial experience through internships during the summer vacation. Please note that spending a year studying abroad or working overseas is subject to relevant visa regulations.

Professor Jane Sinclair
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Computer Science