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Data Science, Systems and Security

Overview of theme

The Data Science, Systems and Security (DSSS) research theme focuses on understanding and solving the key problems associated with: (i) collecting, storing, maintaining, and analysing data collections, (ii) ensuring safety, privacy and security of data sets and the systems that maintain it, (iii) developing systems which offer high-performance, secure, dependable, and scalable access to data and resources; (iv) designing, analysing and optimising large-scale scientific codes on massively parallel and high-performance architectures; (v) building parallel and distributed systems.

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Our key research areas include:

Applications of Data Analysis/ Science
Data Management Systems

Dependable Systems and Safety
Fair, Transparent and Trustworthy Learning

High Performance and Scientific Computing
Machine Learning Algorithms and Models

Parallel, Distributed, and Networked Systems and Applications
Security and Privacy

Publications and Projects

Our Publications list provides details of our published papers in books, journals and conferences.

We are involved in many diverse research projects funded by several external bodies such as EPSRC, Alan Turing Institute, Huawei Research, ERC, Royal Society, Innovate UK etc.

Data Science, Systems and Security Events

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