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Dataset Name Description File link

Milk Tea Coffee

The amount of milk, tea and coffee consumed in the US between 1910 and 2004 inclusive File (tsv)


Gold, silver and bronze for different Olympic games File (csv)

IMDb Reviews

A collection of 1000 reviews taken from IMDB File (txt)

Green Eggs

The text from Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss File (txt)
World GeoJSON JSON file representing the countries of the world File (json)
UK GeoJSON JSON file representing the counties within the UK File (json)
Pubs A collection of pubs in the UK, along with there position File (csv)
Covid Timeline A timeseries dataset of Covid rates at different locations File (csv)
Happiness A dataset showing the results of the World Happiness Report from 2015 to 2019 (taken from Kaggle here) File (zip, csv)