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Secure Email Survey - Introduction

Dear Student,

I am a PhD student and I am interested in security issues in collaborative groupware tools usage. The purpose of this activity is to have a clear picture of how the students are aware of the secure email and how they deal with unsecure emails.The data I receive will be kept confidential and will be stored anonymised. The data will only be seen by myself and my supervisor, Dr.Mike Joy. The Department's ethical procedures have been followed, and ethical consent has been granted for this experiment.

If this is your first visit, please fill in your details by clicking here

Otherwise, please fill in either a Sent form or a Received form.

This form is in two parts. Please complete either the section on Sent Email or the section on Received email, but not both. Fill in a separate form for each email.

Please select a single day during which you will fill in this form. During that day, for each email you send or receive, please enter one line on the form. You need to fill the personal information part only in the first time you enter to the form