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Get to Know Us

Our ‘Get to Know Us’ feature is a series of Q&A. Read what staff and students have to say about the department, how they got here and what they like most about their jobs. This is also your opportunity to see a less formal side to members of the School Life Sciences and learn more about their interests outside of work.

Kevin Marion    
Kevin Murphy
Senior Support Technician
Marion Patel
Placement Officer
Jeanette Rob Huckstepp Kate Rathbone Sarah Bennett

Jeanette Selby
Senior Genomics Technician

Rob Huckstepp
Associate Professor
Kate Rathbone
Research Strategy Development Officer
Sarah Bennett
Research Technology Facility Manager, WISB
Fabrizio Alberti Erin Beatriz Lesley Ward
Fabrizio Alberti
Senior Research Fellow
Erin Dilger
Teaching Fellow
Beatriz Lagunas
Research Fellow
Lesley Ward
Senior Research Technology
Support Technician
Johannes Simon Bailey Miriam Martin
Johannes Boltze
Professor of Neuroscience

Simon Bailey
Head of Administration

Miriam Gifford
Head of School

Martin Mik
Director of Student Experience