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Dr Freya Harrison wins WH Pierce Prize 2021

Freya HarrisonDr Freya Harrison has been awarded the WH Pierce Prize 2021 by the Society for Applied Microbiology for her work in translating medieval literature and medical texts to uncover ancient antimicrobial recipes.
Press release (14 October 2021)

Tue 19 Oct 2021, 12:33 | Tags: staff, press release, award

Researcher on fast track thanks to dementia charity founded by F1 legend

Emily HillDr Emily Hill has been named as one of four new Race Against Dementia Fellows, with the opportunity to receive support from not only leading scientists studying dementia, but also experts in innovation and problem solving from the world of Formula 1.
Emily appeared on Good Morning Britain on 21 September alongside Sir Jackie Stewart to announce the fellowships. Watch the interview
Press release (23 September 2021)

Wed 06 Oct 2021, 11:39 | Tags: staff, Interview

UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship

Congratulations to Dr Fabrizio Alberti on being awarded a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship. Through his fellowship, Fabrizio will develop a platform to produce high-value chemicals in mushroom-forming fungi.
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Wed 06 Oct 2021, 11:38

Outstanding Student Achievement Awards 2021

Warwick's students are amongst the most active in the country, with thousands taking part in and running student societies, volunteering through Warwick volunteers, taking an active role in their learning through the SSLC system and much, much more. The University’s Outstanding Student Contribution Award (OSCA) aims to recognise these achievements.
We congratulate the following SLS students who have been awarded an OSCA:-

  • Jasmin Kaur
  • Laurent Ackermann

Find out more about this year's winners

Wed 06 Oct 2021, 11:35 | Tags: student, award

Kew Art Installation: In Bloom

Undergraduate Amanpreet Kalsi has been awarded a creative project grant of £500 from Kew to create an art installation. The artwork entitled 'In Bloom' will be displayed at 70 St Mary Axe, London from 16-30 September 2021.

'In Bloom represents the seasonal growth of UK native wildflowers and plants. Composed of laser-cut Birchwood, the work intertwines and overlaps over ten different wildflower species, along with bees, birds and butterflies.

The journey begins at the core of the structure, with the seed. Seeds can sit dormant for years before the right conditions enable them to burst into life and for growth to begin. Encircling the core, ivy, fern and harebells bloom and bring beauty to dreary Autumn and Winter days.

The blooming of wildflowers, which break away from this circle, represents the beauty of explosive blossoming that occurs in Spring and Summer. In Bloom encapsulates the journey of growth, from Autumn to Summer, when everything truly comes to life.'

Thu 01 Jul 2021, 16:11 | Tags: student

Wellbeing: practices to improve the student experience

Students work well when they are well. Final year Biochemistry undergraduate Skyla White and final year Biomedical Science student Chioma Nwafor are leading on and co-creating a new Warwick open access Moodle wellbeing module; ‘Understanding Wellbeing’. Their work is part of the wellbeing strategy to embed wellbeing into the curriculum more widely to support students.

Thu 01 Jul 2021, 16:09 | Tags: student

Student Voice & Impact 2021 Winners

Creating change is an important part of the student voice. A great campaign doesn’t just create change but also makes sure this change is sustainable and inspires people into developing a better student experience and or awareness of an issue.

Congratulations to SLS undergraduates Toluwa Lipede and Abigail G-Medhin who recently won the Students' Union Student Voice and Impact Award 2021 for Campaigning for Change, for their actions to address issues of minority representation. In 2020 Toluwa and Abbi founded and became Co-Chairs of the SLS Black Students Sub-Committee of the UG SSLC, bringing together Black students within the community, offering them a safe place for discussions and a forum to formulate ideas for action. Toluwa and Abbi recently arranged a speaker series featuring Black Life Sciences graduates, and their encouragement was instrumental in the School’s push for the University to join the BB STEM University Alliance.

Thu 01 Jul 2021, 16:08 | Tags: student, award

Coccus Pocus: A Microbiology inspired scary story competition

In October, the Department of Biomedical and Forensic Sciences at the University of Hull launched an exciting scary story competition for Halloween: Coccus Pocus 2020! Contestants were encouraged to write a short horror or sci-fi story between 500 and 2,000 words, including themes of antimicrobial resistance and/or microbial biofilms. The evaluation committee ranked stories according to the intrigue of their plot, use of language, character description and scientific soundness. Two of our SLS Undergraduates won prizes:

  • Amisha Sathi, received the second prize for her story Abnormal, where the protagonist fights a horde of slimy hostile creatures in a post-apocalyptic horror setting.
  • Bethany Pearce, was awarded the third prize for her story Day 0, which tells us a tale about a patient suffering from an antibiotic-resistant superbug infection that spreads rapidly all over the hospital.

Find out more and read the stories

Mon 21 Jun 2021, 16:24 | Tags: prize, student

Faculty award for research excellence

Congratulations to Dr Joe Hilton who has won the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine Postdoctoral Research Prize 2021 for his publication 'Estimation of country-level basic reproductive ratios for novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19) using synthetic contact matrices' (PLos computational biology 16 (7), e1008032).
Read the paper

Mon 21 Jun 2021, 16:22 | Tags: staff, prize

Students' Union Awards 2021

As well as studying, SLS students find time to go that extra mile to make a difference to student life. Congratulations to those who have made it to the SU Student Voice and Impact awards 2021 shortlist:

  • Faculty/Department Rep of the Year - Rejwana (Aki) Fardosh-Aki (Department Representative – a new SU role – SLS is one of the pilot departments in 2020-21)
  • Course Rep of the Year - Emily Sanders (PGT SSLC Rep)
  • Outstanding Leadership - Farrah Vogel-Javeri (UG SSLC Chair)
  • SSLC of the Year - Life Sciences PGT
  • Campaigning for Change - Toluwa Lipede & Abigail G-Medhin (SLS Black Students’ sub-committee leads)
Mon 21 Jun 2021, 16:21 | Tags: student, award

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