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PhD projects available

I am always happy to discuss project options with capable PhD applicants. The following is a list of core activities for which we have resources and expertise. A scholarship or alternative funding support will be necessary. See options for scholarships and funding support hereLink opens in a new window.

1. Cryo-EM structure of a hormone transport protein. Co-supervisors Prof Alex CameronLink opens in a new window (Warwick) and Dr Andrew Quigley Link opens in a new window(Membrane Protein Lab, Diamond). We express the AUX1 auxin uptake carrier in tissue culture and have a purification protocol which gives high yields of good quality protein. The plan is to take AUX1 into cryo-electron microscopy for structural resolution. We have structural models and nanobodies available.

2. Cryo-electron microscopy of plant clathrin cages. Co-supervisor Prof Corinne Smith. Link opens in a new windowEndocytosis via clathrin coated vesicles is a process fundamental to eukaryotic cell health and vitality. The core proteins as well as the beautiful geometry of clathrin cages are highly conserved. The Smith group has used world-leading cryo-electron microscopy and structural biology to publish the highest resolution images of clathrin coated vesicles (CCVs) to date. In this project you will extend this work on animal CCVs to the plant kingdom, allowing you to compare and contrast the small structural details which have evolved to deliver the same cell biology in very different contexts.

3. National policy setting for horticulture (Fruit and veg production) in the UK. Co-supervisor Prof Rosemary CollierLink opens in a new window.