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NERC CENTA Studentships

A number of fully funded studentships in environmental sciences are available to UK and International students. The research projects below are in competition for the funding. The projects with the best applicants will be awarded the funding.

Available Projects:

Principal Supervisors


Dr Mark P. Barrow, Department of Chemistry Investigating the environmental impact of the Athabasca oil sands industry using ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry
Professor Gary Bending, School of Life Sciences

Pesticide degradation in river ecosystems in a changing climate

Circadian rhythms in plant-microbe-soil interactions

Dr Adrian ChaplinLink opens in a new window, Department of Chemistry Homogeneous hydrocarbon oxidation using nitrous oxide as a sustainable feedstock
Dr Hatef Sadeghi, School of Engineering Engineering Flash Graphene for Novel Low-Cost Plastic Recycling Technology
Dr Xueyu Geng, School of Engineering Investigation of biogeophysical controls on human-landscape-ecology interaction for resilient transportation networks under hydro-hazard risks
Dr Jonathan Pearson, School of Engineering The fate of microplastics in aquatic environments
Dr Andre Pires da Silva, School of Life Sciences Environmental maternal effects and intergenerational inheritance 
Dr Richard Everitt, Department of Statistics Inference of ecological and environmental models
Dr Thomas Whale, Department of Chemistry Fungal Ice nucleation: Moulding our environment?
Professor Robin G Allaby, School of Life Sciences Archaeogenomic investigation of stratified domestication of maize in South America
Dr Soroush Abolfathi, School of Engineering Modelling Pollution Transport in Vegetated Flow Environment
Professor Stefan Bon, Department of Chemistry The behaviour of polymer colloids in freshwater flow environment
Dr Ryan Mushinski, School of Life Sciences

Identifying microbial sources of nitrous oxide (N2O) production

Do microbe-mineral interactions influence nitrogen cycle dynamics?


Application guidance

  • View the available projects and check your eligibility
  • Make an initial project enquiry by contacting supervisors directly.
  • Questions about the application process or eligibility can be directed to phd dot lifesciences at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • Complete the online application form - selecting course code P-C1PB (Life Sciences PhD); from here you will be taken through to another screen where you can select your desired project. Please enter "NERC studentship" in the Finance section and add Nikki Glover, phd dot lifesciences at warwick dot ac dot uk as the scholarship contact. Please also complete the CENTA application form 2023Link opens in a new window  and submit via email to phd dot lifesciences at warwick dot ac dot uk.
  • Upload a transcript from your current or previous study, a CV and any other documents that you feel would support your application (within 48 hours of submitting your online application you will receive a link allowing you to upload additional supporting documents).
  • Ask your referees to submit a reference for you by 16 January 2023 at the very latest. Note: when you submit your application, an email will automatically be sent to your referees requesting a reference for you. This email will contain a secure link for your referee to upload a reference for you.
  • For further information about applying to Warwick see the application FAQ'sLink opens in a new window page
  • Application deadline - 11 January 2023