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We have a wide selection of microscopes available suitable for work with live or fixed cells, tissue slices and materials samples.

As well as standard light microscopy we can offer confocal, TIRF, superresolution and many other techniques. Users can choose to be trained on equipment or have their samples run as a service. We offer full support in image analysis and interpretation.


Ian Hands-Portman

School of Life Sciences, Gibbet Hill Road, University of Warwick, CV4 7AL


Our technology facilities are open to internal and external users. For more information, such as access and charging, please click on the following links:

University of Warwick users

External users

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Instruments and Services

Someone sat at a microscope

Zeiss 880

  • Inverted point scanning confocal microscope with incubation
  • 405,458,488,514,561,633m excitation
  • Spectral detectors, Airyscan super resolution 120nm
A microscope lens pointing at a petri dish with a red laser

Zeiss 980

  • Upright point scanning confocal microscope with incubation
  • 405 488 561 633nm excitation
  • Spectral detector and Airyscan super resolution - 120nm
Thin filaments of the cells cytoskeleton

Elyra 7 with photokinetics

  • Inverted widefield microscope with incubation
  • SIM- superresolution to 60nm
  • TIRF and HiLo
  • Rapp photokinetics module for bleaching and photoactivation
Spinning disk microscope

Andor/Nikon Spinning Disk Confocal

  • High frame rate combined with Z sectioning
  • Idea for time lapses and live cell work
Widefield microscope

Andor/Nikon Widefield Fluorescence Microscopes

  • Soft illumination for live cells
  • Incubation
  • Time lapse


  • Training
  • Full analytical service
  • Application support