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South Warwickshire Area Network for Wildlife (SWAN)

The South Warwickshire Area Network (SWAN) for Wildlife provides a forum or hub for local wildlife groups to get together to share ideas and initiatives.

Our aims:

  1. Be an umbrella organisation, networking grass-roots wildlife groups in the South Warwickshire area, sharing information, knowledge, resources, skills and provide a link to national organisations.
  2. Raise awareness of local nature and wildlife, inspiring people to make space for nature within their communities and encouraging them to value and protect it.
  3. Support wildlife projects within members’ groups, and the wider area of South Warwickshire.
  4. Support and link with conservation-based groups and identify environmental issues and campaign for them.
  5. Organise events to help to spread the wildlife message and to raise funds to support the operations of the SWAN network.

By joining up the efforts of individual wildlife groups, the network is supporting nature’s recovery on a large scale across South Warwickshire.

Join SWAN!

If you belong to a wildlife group in South Warwickshire (south of A46 and west of M40) and are interested in joining SWAN for Wildlife, then please email:

Article about SWAN