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Plant Health Week 2024

National Plant Health Week 6th-12th May 2024

National Plant Health Week is an annual designated week of information and outreach activities, to raise public awareness and engagement on how to keep our plants healthy. It is organised by Defra, and more information can be found on the dedicated Plant Health Week website. The research at Warwick Crop Centre focusses on fresh produce, including ornamentals, as well as other crops including oil seed rape. Projects are centred around plant health, ranging from detailed studies on plants, pathogens and insect biology as well as exploring novel pesticides, biological control and new crop varieties. This plant health week we're highlighting a different research project each day, use the links to explore the exciting projects being undertaken.

Day 1 - 6th May

VeGIN - The Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network

Day 2 - 7th May

Tackling Fusarium in onions

Dr Sascha Jenkins, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Day 3 - 8th May

Quantifying visual surveillance in tree health: Acute oak decline as a case study

Stephen Parnell & Matt Combes

Day 4 - 9th May

Identifying resistance to Fusarium in celery

Prof. John Clarkson

Day 5 - 10th May

The UK Vegetable Genebank (UKVGB)

Dr. Charlotte Allender

Day 6 - 11th May

The Pest Bulletin

Prof Rosemary Collier