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ECONUTRI - General Assembly Turin, November 2023

I attended the second-year General Assembly of the EU ECONUTRI project ( which met from 22-24 November 2023 in Turin, Italy. There were 90 participants, representing 24 European and 6 Chinese partners. It was a valuable meeting as I was able to re-establish links with many of the project partners that I had worked with before when leading the EU-Rotate_N project . I had also worked on a regular basis with Professor Chen who visited from China Agriculture University, Beijing leading the Chinese partners. (

Professor Dimitrios Savvas introducing Clive Rahn at the beginning of my presentation on behalf of the EAB
Dr Clive Rahn (right) being introduced by Professor Dimitrios Savvas (left) the Project coordinator at the beginning of his presentation on behalf of the External Advisory Board

I attended the meeting as a member of the External Advisory Board (EAB). My role was to provide constructive feedback to the project management team to enable the project to successfully achieve its objectives.

The general objective of ECONUTRI ( project is to optimize, validate, and demonstrate nature-based novel solutions adapted into a holistic concept, which contribute to reduction of NO3-N and P leaching, control of N losses through ammonia volatilization, and mitigation of GHG emissions originating from the agricultural sector, including both plant and animal production.

To achieve this objective, ECONUTRI aims further to disseminate and scale up the application of these novel technologies, and support EU farmers and scientists through training and education to implement nature based nutrient management tools that would improve air, soil and water quality in Europe and China, and contribute to mitigation of global climate change.

 Dr Clive Rahn

Visiting Academic

Warwick Crop Centre

School of Life Sciences

Participants of the Project Team
Participants of the ECONUTRI General Assembly