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New polytunnels for Warwick Crop Centre

New tunnels to accommodate specialised research on crops are currently being constructed at the Innovation Campus Stratford on Avon (Wellesbourne).There will be 9 tunnels. Two of the tunnels will have concrete floors and benches to hold potted plants, whilst the other 7 tunnels will have soil for protected crop trials grown directly in the soil. Of these 7, two tunnels will be used for quarantine studies on soil borne pathogens for which there are no current effective control methods.
The tunnels will be covered with a fluoropolymer (ETFE) film which allows much better light transmission than polyethylene and insect proofing mesh on the sides for good air circulation. The film is treated with an anti-drip coating, which keeps water droplets from condensing along with possible drip damage to the crops. The film has a low surface tension, allowing dirt to get washed away more readily by rain and snow.
We are really looking forward to using our new tunnels and welcome enquiries from partners who might want to locate trials within them.
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