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Field Trials

Our facilities include:

  • Over 6 hectares available annually for field vegetable and other crop trials work (with irrigation)
  • Site with depleted P & K status for soil nutrient studies
  • Micro-plots
  • Clubroot infected site
  • Allium White Rot infected site
  • Fusarium oxysporum infected sites (onion, lettuce)
  • Sclerotinia infected site
  • Cavity spot infected site
  • Specific site with perpetual carrot fly population
  • Specific site for cabbage root fly trials
  • Specific site for lettuce aphid trials
  • Root and seed cleaning facilities
  • Soil grinding and plant milling facilities
  • Drying oven
  • Precision fertiliser application technology
  • On-site soil and plant analytical laboratory
  • An insect rearing unit which provides material for laboratory and field experiments
  • UK Met Office weather station
  • Rothamsted Insect Survey suction trap
  • Assistance with experimental design and data analysis

For more information please contact:

Telephone: 024 765 75007