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Welcome to a new series of webinars and other activities highlighting our research and associated with our following themes:
  • Crop Pests & Disease
  • Crop Production
  • Crop Improvement
  • Environment & Climate Change
  • Food (Please see the Food GRP for activities we are involved in)
OnionBean seed fly meeting

Wednesday, 8th December, 10 am-12 pm - in Microsoft Teams.

The management of bean seed fly has been causing considerable concern for growers over the last few years. The main reason being the loss, or imminent loss, of the most effective management method of insecticidal seed treatments. Several organisations are working on the problem including a meeting for growers and agronomists on 9th December 2020, where some of their recent activities were presented and discussed. The approaches investigated represent several components of a developing IPM strategy. More information and to register

VeGINVeGIN (Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network) Stakeholder Event

Wednesday, 1st December, 2-4pm - in Microsoft Teams.

VeGIN is an interactive network of researchers and industry leaders, who work together to promote market delivery of improved vegetable varieties using sustainable production systems.

This stakeholder event will provide updates on the progress made in the project over the past year, together with an international contribution and a speaker from the industry.

More information and to register

Lettuce DiversityThe title of our first webinar was 'Lettuce - diseases, pests and post-harvest quality' and is part of our Crop Pests and Disease theme.

Lettuce growers face a number of challenges in producing quality product. Major causes of loss of quality are pests and diseases in the field and post-harvest discolouration ('browning' and 'pinking') which is a major limitation to the shelf life of prepared salads.

Webinar recording

More information