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Resources for Disease Management

The Warwick Crop Centre has ideal facilities for studying plant diseases.

Our facilities include:

  • Clubroot infected site
  • Allium White Rot infected site
  • Fusarium oxysporum infected sites (onion, lettuce)
  • Sclerotinia infected site
  • Cavity spot infected site
  • Containment facilities for work on plant viruses
  • Assistance with experimental design and data analysis
  • Molecular biology laboratories
  • Range of glasshouses, polytunnels and tygan houses

If you are interested in accessing our facilities please contact

Research expertise:

John Clarkson

John Clarkson - Soilborne plant diseases (particularly Sclerotinia / Fusarium), plant pathogen biology, epidemiology, diagnostics and genomics, plant disease forecasting, biological control, plant resistance.

Eric Holub

Eric Holub - Plant-microbe interactions.

John Walsh

John Walsh - Plant-virus interactions (particularly Turnip Mosaic virus), plant virus diversity, understanding virus-virus interactions in plants.

Find out about our Disease Research

If you are interested in working with us please contact