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Summary of aphid monitoring data 2020

Suction trap counts from the Rothamsted Insect Survey and SASA

Weekly summaries of captures of aphids in the network of suction traps are available on the Insect Survey web site and are summarised in AHDB Aphid News and for vegetable and salad crops specifically in the AHDB Pest Bulletin. At present, information from some of the traps is unavailable at the moment due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

AHDB yellow water trap data

AHDB supports the provision of aphid count data from a network of yellow water traps. The aphids are identified by staff at Fera. All the individual counts are available: You can click on a region on the map to see the counts in more detail. Although the focus of the commentary on the site is on aphids that transmit potato viruses, there are graphs to show the weekly counts of individual aphid species.

This information will be summarised by crop in the AHDB Pest Bulletin but as a large amount of information will build up over time there also links to the full data sets from this page. No more samples were received for 2020 after 17th September.