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Carrot fly forecasts

The forecast outputs below are based on weather data collected by Plantsystems Limited and funded by Syngenta. The forecasts predict the timing of fly activity. They do not predict the number of insects present in the crop, as this depends on the size of the local fly population. For control purposes, we consider that the pest has become active when 10% of the insects have emerged/laid eggs and that the peak of activity has occurred when 50% have emerged/laid eggs. The predictions will change over time depending on weather conditions.



First generation

Forecast 10% EMERGENCE in 2022

First generation

Forecast 10% EGG-LAYING in 2022

Cornwall (Newquay)

6 April 25 April

Kent (Canterbury)

16 April 3 May

Suffolk (Woodbridge)

8 April 26 April

Wellesbourne (Warwick)

15 April 1 May

Norfolk (Norwich)

14 April 29 April

South Lincolnshire (Boston)

17 April 4 May

Nottingham (Bilsthorpe)

17 April 5 May

Lancashire (Ormskirk)

18 April 4 May

York (Market Weighton)

20 April 5 May

Scotland (Blairgowrie)

20 April 5 May