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Biological Control

Biological control with microorganisms (Dave Chandler)

We study the interactions between micro-organisms, insects and mites. We do this in three areas of research: biological control, Integrated Pest Management, and bee health. The ultimate aims of this work are twofold: (1) develop more sustainable methods of pest management for the benefit of agriculture, people and the environment; and (2) improve basic knowledge of the interactions between invertebrates and microbes.

Fungal control of insect and mite pests

Entomopathogens and biological control

Biological control of the varroa mite

Entomopathogenic fungi: a second line of defence against spider mites

Compatibility of Beauveria bassiana with Amblyseius cucumeris to control western flower thrips on cucumber plants

Biopesticide regulation and governance


Biological control with predators

Biological control of cabbage root fly - Aleochara bilineata (Stan Finch)