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WMS academics listed as world-leading researchers on Stanford University’s global listing

The scientists were classified into 22 scientific fields and 176 sub-fields using Science-Metrix journal classification system. Led by Professor John Ioannidis of Stanford University, the research team has created a database of over 100,000 top scientists of the world based on standardised citation indicators, which include information on citations, an individual’s scientific research output or H-index, co-authorship, and a composite indicator for career-long impact.

The analysis was conducted using citations from Scopus along with data assessing scientists for career-long citation impact till the year 2019 and for citation impact during a single calendar year. The study has been published in PLOS Biology. According to Professor Ioannidis, this is the first classification that systematically ranks all the most-cited scientists in each and every scientific field to a sufficient ranking depth.

The WMS academics named are:

Professor Mark Achtman, Microbiology

Professor Max Birchwood, Mental Health

Professor Debra Bick, Maternal Health

Professor Jan Brosens, Obstetrics and reproduction medicine

Professor Julie Bruce, General and internal medicine

Professor Franco Cappuccio, Cardiovascular system and haematology

Professor Aileen Clarke, General and internal medicine

Professor Rob Cross, Developmental Biology

Professor Dimitris Grammatopoulos, Endocrinology and internal medicine

Professor David Fitzmaurice, General and internal medicine

Professor James Mason, General and internal medicine

Professor Gavin Perkins, Emergency and Critical Care medicine

Professor Sebastien Perrier, Polymers

Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown, Public health

Professor Martin Underwood, General and internal medicine

Professor Olalekan Uthman, General and internal medicine

Professor Norman Waugh, Health policy and services

Professor Lawrence Young, Oncology & Carcinogenesis

Lawrence YoungProfessor Lawrence Young listed among the top scientists commented, “It's great to see so many colleagues in the Medical School being recognised for their research contribution. This classification highlights the quality and breadth of our research as well as the influence and impact of this research across the world."

Mohan Professor Mohan Balasubramanian, Pro Dean Research for Warwick Medical School said, "The Stanford study uses one kind of analysis to measure research excellence and we are delighted a number of our staff feature in this exclusive list. At the same time, it is important to mention that there are many different ways research excellence and esteem can be measured and we are very pleased to we do really well, regardless of the scoring strategies used."