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Valuing our People

Valuing our People

This has two sub-themes which embrace both the importance of 'Wellbeing' and supporting the personal and professional development of all staff and students.

The centrality of 'Wellbeing' was to be promoted through the provision of safe, supported and inclusive research environments where wellbeing is valued and championed, thus enabling people and their ideas to flourish.

Career and Talent development encompasses career aspirations and decision-making. We should highlight a diverse range of role models and should not limit it to those in senior leadership roles. Leadership and who made a ‘good’ role model has many guises.

The roadmap has been created by the community for the needs of the community. If you wish to provide feedback on this page and the content please do so here.


Objective 1: To provide a safe, supported, and inclusive research environment for all staff and students. 


  • Build on the wellbeing expertise at WMS and links with departmental (e.g. SLS) and institutional initiatives to develop a range of Wellbeing initiatives
  • Establish a working group to explore people's experiences of tackling bullying and harassment and enhance signposting to support
  • Promote transparency in conversations between staff and managers around flexible working and the expectations of roles
  • Promote WMS Research Culture via revision to the WMS Induction template

Career and Talent Development

Objective 2: To support career aspirations and personal and professional development. 

Objective 3: Support opportunities for innovative thinking, creativity, and the pursuit of new ideas.  


  • Raise the visibility of diverse career opportunities for all
  • Create a ‘one-stop shop’ resource for training provision by working with central University and the WMS community to grow and highlight accessible and diverse training provision for researchers, research enablers, staff, and students across WMS
  • Develop training and peer support for Early and Mid-Career Academic Staff 
  • Develop training and peer support for Research Enablers
  • Develop and promote mentoring, peer support and shadowing opportunities for all
  • To develop and implement a PGR supervisors’ training and support programme that is mindful of the supervisor diversity at WMS
  • Support meaningful career conversations for all
  • Enhance support and access to opportunities to engage in creativity, focused activities, and strategic thinking
  • Explore career pathways and opportunities that reduce precarity associated with fixed-term contracts for researchers and research enablers

Wellbeing Resources

Bullying and Harassment

Everyone at the University of Warwick, whether studying, working, or visiting, has the right to feel safe. If you have experienced something that felt wrong, we encourage you to access Report and Support.

Warwick Mediation helps staff and students resolve conflicts and repair relationships.

Talent Development