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Health and Safety - Risk Assessment


A risk assessment is the process of evaluating work activities and working areas to determine the potential hazards and risks that could arise from these, and their impact on people, property, the environment or the business.

The risk assessment proces involves the following steps:

  1. Identify the hazards
  2. Identify the people affected
  3. Assess the risks
  4. Identify the controls required to ensure safety
  5. Measure performance to ensure controls are adequate

Specific Types of Assessment

Specific risk assessment methodologies are required in certain circumstances such as machinery, ionising radiation and lasers. The following links are relevant to Physics:

Please see the University Health and Safety guidance for more information.

Risk assessment form for staff and PhD students

(Word Document) Risk assessment Form

Training for completing this form can be found below.

If you require additional assistance completing this form, please contact Julie Brannon.

Completed forms should be returned to

Risk assessment forms for final year undergraduate project students

(Excel Spreadsheet) Project risk assessment form

(Excel Spreadsheet) Worked example of project risk assessment form

(Powerpoint Presentation) Risk assessment training delivered by Health and Safety Officer