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Selected refereed publications

Full list here (link to NASA ADS).

Papers in peer-reviewed journals

  • Giacobbe, Brogi, Gandhi et al.
    Five carbon- and nitrogen-bearing species in a hot giant planet's atmosphere.
    Nature, 592, 205-208 (2021)
  • Gandhi, Brogi & Webb.
    Seeing above the clouds with high-resolution spectroscopy
    MNRAS, 498, 194G (2020)
  • Armstrong, Lopez, Adibekyan, et al. (incl. Brogi).
    A remnant planetary core in the hot-Neptune desert
    Nature, 583, 39A (2020)
  • Pino, Désert, Brogi et al.
    Neutral Iron Emission Lines from the Dayside of KELT-9b.
    ApJL, 894, 27P (2020)
  • Webb, Brogi, Gandhi et al.
    A weak spectral signature of water vapour in the atmosphere of HD 179949 b at high spectral resolution in the L band
    MNRAS, 494, 108W (2020)
  • Brogi & Line.
    Retrieving Temperatures and Abundances of Exoplanet Atmospheres with High-resolution Cross-correlation Spectroscopy
    AJ, 157, 114B (2019)
  • Chiavassa & Brogi.
    Planet and star synergy at high spectral resolution. A rationale for the characterisation of exoplanet atmospheres. I. The Infrared
    A%26A, 631A, 100C (2019)
  • Flowers, Brogi, Rauscher et al.
    The High-resolution Transmission Spectrum of HD 189733b Interpreted with Atmospheric Doppler Shifts from Three-dimensional General Circulation Models
    AJ, 157, 209F (2019)
  • Guilluy, Sozzetti, Brogi et al.
    Exoplanet atmospheres with GIANO. II. Detection of molecular absorption in the dayside spectrum of HD 102195 b
    A&A, 625A, 107G (2019)
  • Brogi, Giacobbe, Guilluy et al.
    Exoplanet atmospheres with GIANO. I. Water in the transmission spectrum of HD 189733b
    A&A, 615A, 16B (2018)
  • Brogi, Line, Bean et al.
    A framework to combine low- and high-res spectroscopy for the atmospheres of transiting exoplanets
    ApJL, 839, 2B (2017)
  • Bowler, Kraus, Bryan et al. (incl. Brogi)
    The Young Substellar Companion ROXs 12 B: Near-infrared Spectrum, System Architecture, and Spin-Orbit Misalignment
    AJ, 154, 156B (2017)
  • Birkby, de Kok, Brogi et al.
    Discovery of water at high spectral resolution in the atmosphere of 51 Peg b
    AJ, 153, 138B (2017)
  • Brogi, de Kok, Albrecht et al.
    Rotation and winds of HD 189733 b measured with high-dispersion transmission spectroscopy
    ApJ, 817, 106B (2016)
  • van Lieshout, Min, Dominik, Brogi et al.
    Dusty tails of evaporating exoplanets. II. Physical modelling of the KIC 12557548b light curve
    A&A, 596A, 32V (2016)
  • Schwarz, Ginsky, de Kok et al. (incl. Brogi).
    The slow spin of the young sub-stellar companion GQ Lupi b and its orbital configuration
    A&A, 593A, 74S (2016)
  • Snellen, de Kok, Birkby et al. (incl. Brogi).
    Combining high-dispersion spectroscopy with high contrast imaging: Probing rocky planets around our nearest neighbors
    A&A, 576A, 59S (2015)
  • Schwarz, Brogi, de Kok, Birkby, Snellen.
    Evidence against a strong thermal inversion in HD 209458 b from high-dispersion spectroscopy
    A&A, 576A, 111S (2015)
  • Hoeijmakers, de Kok, Snellen, Brogi, et al.
    A search for TiO in the optical high-resolution transmission spectrum of HD 209458b: Hindrance due to inaccuracies in the line database
    A&A, 575A, 20H (2015)
  • Brogi, de Kok, Birkby et al.
    Carbon monoxide and water vapor in the atmosphere of the non-transiting exoplanet HD 179949 b
    A&A, 565A, 124B (2014)
  • Snellen, Brandl, de Kok, Brogi, et al.
    Fast spin of the young extrasolar planet beta Pictoris b
    Nature, 509, 63-65 (2014)
  • de Kok, Birkby, Brogi, et al.
    Identifying new opportunities for exoplanet characterization at high spectral resolution.
    A&A, 561A, 150D (2014)
  • van Werkhoven, Brogi, Snellen, Keller.
    Analysis and interpretation of 15 quarters of Kepler data of the disintegrating planet KIC 12557548b
    A&A, 561A, 3V (2014)
  • Brogi, Snellen, de Kok et al.
    Detection of molecular absorption in the dayside of exoplanet 51 Peg b?
    ApJ, 767, 27B (2013)
  • Birkby, de Kok, Brogi et al.
    Detection of water absorption in the dayside atmosphere of HD189733b using ground-based high-resolution spectroscopy at 3.2 microns
    MNRAS, 436L, 35B (2013)
  • de Mooij, Brogi, de Kok et al.
    Search for Rayleigh scattering in the atmosphere of GJ 1214bApJ, 771, 109D (2013)
  • de Kok, Brogi, Snellen et al.
    Detection of CO in the high-resolution day-side spectrum of the exoplanet HD 189733b
    A&A, 554A, 82D (2013)
  • Snellen, de Kok, le Poole, Brogi, Birkby.
    Finding extraterrestrial life using ground-based, high-dispersion spectroscopy
    ApJ, 764, 182S (2013)
  • de Mooij, Brogi, de Kok et al.
    The GROUSE project III: Ks-band observations of the thermal emission from WASP-33b
    A&A, 550A, 54D (2013)
  • Brogi, Keller, de Juan Ovelar et al.
    Evidence for the disintegration of KIC 12557548 b
    A&A, 545, L5 (2012)
  • Brogi, Snellen, de Kok et al.
    The signature of orbital motion from the dayside of the planet τ Boötis b
    Nature, 486, 502-504 (2012)
  • de Mooij, Brogi, de Kok et al.Optical to near-infrared transit observations of super-Earth GJ 1214b: water-world or mini-Neptune?
    A&A, 538A, 46D (2012)

White Papers

  1. Fortney, Robinson, Domagal-Goldman et al. (incl. Brogi).
    The Need for Laboratory Work to Aid in The Understanding of Exoplanetary Atmospheres
  2. Brogi, Stocke, Armitage, et al.
    On the use of Apogee and APO for investigating exoplanet atmospheres

Conference proceedings

  1. Snellen, de Kok, de Mooij, Brogi et al.
    Exoplanet atmospheres at high spectral resolution: A CRIRES survey of hot-Jupiters.
    IAUS, 276, 208 (2011)
  2. de Mooij, de Kok, Nefs, Brogi, Snellen.
    The GROUnd-based Secondary Eclipse project - GROUSE.
    IAUS, 276, 478 (2011)