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James Blake - Outreach

I'm passionate about Widening Participation and ensuring everyone has the information they need to decide whether university is for them. I've delivered sessions on "Future Pathways" and "Access to Higher Education" in several schools in the Midlands, outlining what university is like and how to plan for the future effectively.

Alongside this, I've given several talks about my research to all ages, from exoplanets to alien life to satellite debris. These have been to schools and astronomical societies, though I'm happy to branch out!

Here are some prepared talks:

  • "Hitching a ride on asteroids: are we the aliens?"
  • "The very short history of exoplanets"
  • "The sticky issue of space debris"

If any of these appeal then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Conference Talks & Posters

  • Poster: "Supplementing a survey of GSO debris with COTS equipment" (AMOSTECH, Hawai'i, Sept 2020)
  • Poster: "Optical imaging of faint geosynchronous debris with the INT" (AMOSTECH, Hawai'i, Sept 2019)
  • Talk: "Applying astronomical tools & techniques to Space Situational Awareness" (NAM, Lancaster Uni, July 2019)
  • Poster: "The Warwick DebrisWatch Campaign" (RAS Specialist Meeting, Burlington House, Nov 2018)
  • Talk: "Hitching a ride on asteroids: are we the aliens?" (ICUR, Warwick Uni, Sept 2018)
  • Talk: "Panspermia: are we the aliens?" (BCUR, Sheffield Uni, April 2018)
  • Poster: "Modelling panspermia in TRAPPIST-1" (Posters in Parliament - Winner, Palace of Westminster, Feb 2018)
  • Talk: "Modelling the circumbinary candidate KOI-1741" (ICUR, Warwick Uni, Sept 2016)
  • Poster: "Searching for weather patterns on the Hot Jupiter HAT-P-7b" (ICUR, Warwick Uni, Sept 2015)

Invited Talks

  • "Monitoring the mess of near-Earth space" (SERENE Group, University of Birmingham, UK, Sept 2020)
  • "Monitoring the mess of near-Earth space" (Birmingham Astronomical Society, UK, June 2020)
  • "A watchful eye on the sky" (Warwick Aerospace Society, UK, Nov 2019)
  • "A watchful eye on the sky" (UC Irvine, California, Sept 2019)
  • "A watchful eye on the sky" (NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, California, Sept 2019)
  • "Warwick space debris projects" (w/ Prof. Don Pollacco, Warwick Aerospace Society, UK, Feb 2019)
  • "Warwick space debris projects" (w/ Dr. Paul Chote, Warwick Astronomy & Astrophysics Group, UK, Feb 2019)
  • "Monitoring the mess of near-Earth space" (Warwick Astronomy Society, UK, Jan 2019)
  • "The debris population at GEO and the fate of aged spacecraft" (Warwick Astronomy Society, UK, Feb 2018)
  • "Extrasolar panspermia: are we the aliens?" (Stratford Upon Avon Astronomical Society, UK, Nov 2017)
  • "Circumbinary planets: a closer look at Tatooine" (Warwick Astronomy Society, UK, Nov 2016)