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SGR 0501_finder

The above finder shows the location of SGR 0501+4516 at the centre of a 64x64 LIRIS subarray. The green square shows the default pointing position (offset 0,0). At this point the bottom left-hand corner should point at RA=05:01:07.46, 45:16:27.1.

We are requesting a window which covers pixels [513:567,513:567] in native LIRIS pixels, so the above co-ordinate should lie at the centre of the un-windowed array. For the purposes of acquiring the target it may be useful to use the full array (so several stars are visible) since point accurate to ~1-2" is necessary to ensure that our comparison star is visible at all dither positions, and so that comparative photometry can be performed). Note that the comparison star has a magnitude of K=14.3 and should be visible in individual 0.8s exposures.

Please conduct 100x0.8s observations at each position (dithering only after each 100 frames) before repeating for a total on source time of ~4 hours. The overall dither pattern is a 9 point dither with 3" steps and will allow us to sample the sky.